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Excerpts from: "Welcome Home Young War Vets (Now Pretend That You Are  Normal)"

By Jim Murphy: Fellowship of Reconciliation on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You may read this complete article at: FOR Fellowship of Reconciliation

"Tonight, ... I want you to think about these numbers: 75,000-the minimum number of veterans that are homeless tonight; 200,000-the minimum number of veterans incarcerated right now in state and county jails. Exact numbers are unknown because no one is compiling accurate data. The numbers quoted are probably minimal estimates."

"...The next question is, how many of these incarcerated veterans are Iraq and/or Afghanistan veterans? Using the percentages compiled by California and Pennsylvania, 35,000 (or more) are veterans from the aforementioned wars... Over 50% of the incarcerated veterans are in jail for drug-related crimes, often part of a self-medication schedule to help with PTSD and/or TBI. If the only job that you can complete is drug dealer, you may do it. Crimes committed under the influence of alcohol also a major contributor to the number of incarcerated veterans."

"The Veterans Administration (VA) has developed several very effective methods for helping veterans with PTSD and/or TBI, but they are overwhelmed and the immediacy of the need will never be met."